Freelance Artist & Community Artist

I’m Lucie Maycock – a UK based freelance artist and community artist, with a overwhelming passion for the arts and over 14 years experience. Welcome to my website, I hope you have found exactly what you are looking for.

Please take some time to have a look at my portfolio of work and the wealth of community arts projects I have worked on. I offer a wide range of services from artist commissions to community art workshops and everything in between.

My most recent personal practice saw the development of the ‘Forever Altered’ project and body of work. Please click the link to ‘Portfolio’ to view the collection.
















I have also been working in community arts for over 14 years and my personal practice and the community work I deliver are intrinsically linked and one always informs the other.

My community art mission statement is….

Inspiring people to explore creativity, become more imaginative and examine important issues – resulting in a more well rounded, adaptable individual, and strengthened communities.

The range of services I can offer within the arts spans many areas of art, design and drama within various settings such as schools, youth centres, community groups, arts organisations, third sector and businesses. Working within these settings has given me the ability to adapt and tailor any project to suit its specific requirements and outcomes. To view examples of projects that I have delivered please click on the ‘community arts’ link in the top menu. There you will find a wide range of workshops, commissions, projects and exhibitions.

The workshops I offer include many art forms;

Visual Arts – Drawing, painting & sculpture.
Crafts & Decorative Arts – Jewellery making, sewing, paper art, ceramics, mosaic, mixed media & more.
Creative Media – Photography and digital art.

There are many elements to the services I can offer, including;

Recognising the importance of the creative arts within a persons life.

Giving young people a sense of belonging and ownership.

Enabling people to learn and grow in a safe creative environment.

Accreditation in the form of an Arts Award.

Developing transferable skills to help people in all areas of their lives.

Working with Young People

There are many reasons why inspiring young people is vital for their development into adult life. Nurturing a persons creativity will allow them to become the best version of themselves, resulting in a more creative, adaptable and well rounded individual. The creative arts projects and workshops I plan and deliver are holistic in nature, taking into consideration the purpose and needs of its participants, addressing the issues within society, providing another dimension in peoples lives and allowing young people to experiment and play.

Learning through creativity and play; never underestimate how much a human being needs to nurture their creativity and be able to play. Rekindling these elements of our childhood can have a profound impact on an adult, but maybe an even more profound impact on a young person or child.

Addressing the issues within society; modern society can burden young people and adults with immense pressure, feeding negative aspects of a personality and making it hard to cope. Through creativity we can examine these issues without putting pressure on sharing personal circumstances. Exploring important issues in this way can inform, comfort and allow an individual to start processing their thoughts and feelings.

Providing another dimension within a persons live; this very important aspect of all creativity is vital for the well-being of an individual. Enabling someone to tap into their creative ideas and concepts can lead them to increased awareness of the many dimensions of life, opening their eyes to the endless possibilities they may have not yet seen.