“Adam (aged 8) loved being able to get messy and produce art and I loved being part of it as a parent. Thank you.”
Sarah Smith, Parents & Kids Workshop

“This might be the best thing that happened to me!”
Leila, Creative Experiments Workshop

“Really enjoyed the workshop. Kids had great fun getting messy and trying something different. Would defiantly come again!”
Lucinda, Parents & Kids Workshop

“I’ve enjoyed it so much. I feel I have had something to do in the last 4 weeks and not been bored of it.”
Miya, Graffiti Art Workshop

“Had a fabulous time with my 4 year old. Would do this on a regular basis.”
Kirsty, Parents & Kids Workshop

“Lots of fun arty ideas every time.”
Archie, Creative Experiments Workshop

“I have learnt loads, made cool stuff and had a great time.”
Leah, Graffiti Art Workshop

“I would recommend the Parents & Kids workshops. It was a very friendly atmosphere and nice for everybody to get involved. It has given me a fantastic idea to do art at home as well.”
Roxanne Botham, Parents & Kids Workshop

“Fantastic time, kids and adults all happy. Lots of fun – Lucie and staff very supportive and encouraging. Where kids were nervous staff were encouraging.”
Parents & Kids Workshop

“It was actually amazing!”
Hannah S, Creative Experiments Workshop

“The door is open to loads of possibilities.”
Charlie S, Creative Experiments Workshop