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I can provide a wide variety of packages for schools from individual creative arts workshops to planned projects that span a specific length of time and require accreditation. I am a fully trained and experienced Arts Award Adviser and have delivered the Arts Award to many young people at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.

My previous experience working in partnership with schools includes providing creative arts after school projects and more specialised sessions for young people who may have:

  • Behavioural Issues
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Additional Needs
  • Mental Heath Related Difficulties

For information and ideas on possible workshops and themes that can be offered please read below and visit the Projects link in the menu bar above.

Arts Award Accreditation

The Arts Award is a form of accreditation from The Arts Council and can be delivered alongside many of the workshops and sessions I offer. There are three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. These levels are attributed to standards within GCSE’s and A-level’s.

Bronze = Standard of qualification: GCSE D-G Grade
Silver = Standard of qualification: GCSE A-C Grade
Gold = Standard of qualification: AS Level


Graffiti Art Classes

These workshops are a perfect change from regular art lessons and can be tailored to suit mixed ability groups.

img_1397Graffiti art can also be used very effectively to re-engage students who struggle with concentration and/or behavioural issues. I have created and lead many successful projects with young people who have varied complex needs, using graffiti art as a tool to engage and reward. One example of this would be an annual project called the ‘Jigsaw’ project. This group of students include young people who have been excluded from school, on part-time timetables, suffer with conditions such as ADHD, Autism, ADD and often have behavioural issues. Using the art form of graffiti often appeals to the students and the art work created is rewarding for students and teachers alike.

The graffiti art sessions can span over one lesson or a series of lessons. Teaching free hand spray painting and/or stencil techniques to students. All I require is a class room and outdoor space for spraying. The minimum age for graffiti art is 9 years as younger students would struggle to hold the spray cans. If you would like to discuss these workshops further or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me via my details on the contact page.


Therapeutic Arts Classes

Therapeutic arts workshops can be used in a wide variety of situations and can address a vast array of subjects including; issues like alcohol, drugs and relationships, family, friends, mental health related issues such as depression and anxiety.

img_1918They explore these and similar issues in a non-threatening and expressive way. Being part of a therapeutic arts group offers individuals an opportunity to explore thoughts, feelings and problems in a safe environment, never feeling that they have to disclose more information than they are comfortable with.

More and more young people in our modern society are suffering from mental health related issues and this is very alarming. Young people often don’t have the required tools, experience and resilience to tackle issues, thoughts and feelings they may face. Using the creative arts as a tool to explore these subjects is proven to be very effective. Previous groups I have delivered therapeutic arts workshops to include a small group of students with age range of 5 to 15 years, who have varied issues and some additional needs. A group of year 7 and 8 students identified by school to need additional support with self-confidence, behaviour, anxiety and/or depression. Both groups were highly successful and often gave individuals more self-confidence in school, an outlet for negative thoughts and feelings and on several occasions a new peer support group of likeminded individuals.

Therapeutic arts groups are most successful carried out over a period of time with the same group of individuals. They can be used in behavioural support centres and departments, after-school groups or as a regular timetabled lessons in school. The age range for such groups is open but often the workshops are most effective with groups who are a similar age.