Street Art

Graffiti & Street Art Workshops

Graffiti art/street art are amongst the most popular workshops and projects I am asked to provide. Creating lettering designs, images, murals and large group pieces. Over the years I have delivered a range of graffiti art workshops to schools, community groups, youth clubs, organisations, charities and Multi Agency Teams.

ArtCore Street Art Projects

These fab street art sessions were delivered at the community arts charity ArtCore in Derby as part of their Innocence and Expression program. They were for young people aged 6 upwards and involved a range of street art themes, techniques and activities. The participants has a go at graffiti lettering design and creation, creating stencils, using spray paints, learning about famous street artists such as Banksy and Keith Haring, making sticker art and much more.

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Heath Youth Shelters & Park

This project was done during National Hate Crime Awareness week with the theme of hate crime. The youth shelter was completely repainted with the young people in a black, white, red and metallics colour scheme. Using stencils of faces, hashtags like #NO2HATE, song lyrics like ‘Where is the love’ and geometric patterns. The roof of the shelter was the main flat area to create the spray art and young people will now look up and see anti-hate crime art work that they helped to paint. The boards on the park alongside the youth shelter were done with bright colours to be more in keeping with the children’s park. This was also on the theme of anti-hate crime.

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Action Housing

Working with a group of young adults to create graffiti art and striking walls in their shared accommodation on behalf of Action Housing. This project was so rewarding, to see the end result that the participants were proud of was great.

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Holmewood Youth Shelter

This project was to revamp an old and tired looking youth shelter with the young people of Holmewood. Bright colours were chosen by the young people and then stencils used for the many different images. The result was a very striking individual youth shelter that the young people could be proud of.

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Graffiti Art Workshops & Sessions

I provide a wide range of graffiti and street art workshops and sessions. These workshops can involve a range of spraying techniques such as freehand spraying, stencils and lettering.

Graffiti Lettering

Creating graffiti art pieces for each individual using letter stencils and spray paints. This workshop is a great introduction to graffiti art and can be delivered to a variety of ability levels.

Stencil Graffiti Art – Images & Lettering

Creating individual or group pieces of graffiti art using lettering and image stencils and spray paints. This workshop can be done as one off or multiple sessions and allows a group to work together. Pieces of work can be created to suit a theme or project.

Freehand Spray Painting

Practice using spray paints on large boards – create lettering and image designs. This workshop will improve your spraying technique.

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