Therapeutic Arts

Creativity and art as a form of therapy has numerous benefits for the individual including both physical and mental health. Young people in out modern society are suffering with added pressures which can have a negative impact on their wellbeing. Using therapeutic arts with students increases their ability to cope, enables them to express sometimes difficult emotions, gives them a voice within society and allows them to explore difficult issues in a non threatening and creative way.

The therapeutic arts projects and workshops that I plan and deliver are holistic in nature, taking into consideration the purpose and needs of its participants, addressing the issues within society, providing another dimension in peoples lives and allowing young people to experiment and play.

Learning through creativity and play; never underestimate how much a human being needs to nurture their creativity and be able to play. Rekindling these elements of our childhood can have a profound impact on an adult, but maybe an even more profound impact on a young person or child.

Addressing the issues within society; modern society can burden young people and adults with immense pressure, feeding negative aspects of a personality and making it hard to cope. Through creativity we can examine these issues without putting pressure on sharing personal circumstances. Exploring important issues in this way can inform, comfort and allow an individual to start processing their thoughts and feelings.

Providing another dimension within a persons live; this very important aspect of all creativity is vital for the well-being of an individual. Enabling someone to tap into their creative ideas and concepts can lead them to increased awareness of the many dimensions of life, opening their eyes to the endless possibilities they may have not yet seen.

If you have any further questions regarding therapeutic arts please don’t hesitate to contact me.